How we Charge

federal way junk removal
Volume Load Rates

Pricing Includes: *Labor, Hauling & Dump / Recycling Fees, 
& light Cleanup. 
*Labor included up to: Minimum load - 1/8 load: 15 minutes 
1/4 load - 1/2 load: 30 minutes. 
1/2 load - 3/4 load: 45 minutes
3/4 load - full load: 60 minutes
Anything over the above time limits may result in additional labor fees. Rest assured we are fast and efficient.
Want to get an idea of how much your junk removal will cost?

The pictures below are based on regular junk and their estimated removal cost and is just for informational purposes. The final price will be determined on site by our staff. The price for heavy items cannot be estimated with this tool and weight is a factor when determining load rates. A full load is the volume of 12' X 8' X 5"  or 1,600 pounds, which ever is met first or a combination of both can be used. Each price increment has the allowable volume or weight limits. 

Are prices are all-inclusive of labor, Hauling and Disposal Fees

Extra Charges:
These items require extra fees & handiling on our part, 
therefore cost extra.

TV above 40" -                                                        $30 ea.
labor per person ( if needed for extra time ) -         $25 hr.
Freon Appliances -                                                 $40 ea.
1 gallon paint can (latex) -                                      $5 ea.
Propane Tank -                                                      $15 ea.
Tires                                                           -          $5-$10 ea.
Mileage after 20 miles one way -                        $1.50 mile
Any Non -Typical items -                                     $ TBD on-site
If any item needs to be broken down or demo to remove from 
property -                                                             $ TBD on-site

​TBD= To Be Determined
 HOT TUB Removal pricess
1-3 person $399
4-6 person $499
These prices are for normal placement and ease of accessibility of hot tubs and are determined on a case by case basis. The above price include all labor cost, hauling and disposal fees.